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Getting Familiar:
There are four main information areas on the wink Web site: the traffic map, map tools, the navigation bar and the alerts window.

Traffic Map

The map is designed to provide Cary traffic information at a glance. Map icons show where closed circuit traffic cameras (CCTV) and dynamic message signs (DMS) are located and indicate traffic flow patterns, incidents, construction and special events that may impact your drive.

Use your mouse to scroll over an icon and a brief description of what the icon reflects will be displayed. For instance, placing your mouse on a camera icon will tell you the location of that camera. Pointing to a construction cone will inform you of the work being done at that site.

To get more detailed information, click on one of the traffic icons. The map will automatically zoom in to give a closer view of that area, and an information window will appear. You can also zoom into a particular area on the map by using zoom slider the located in the upper left corner, or by clicking directly on the map.

Map Tools

To the right of the map are the tools you will need to customize your view. At the top is a menu that allows you to zoom in to a map of Cary town limits or other areas of interest. Next is the map legend, which gives you the ability to select the traffic icons that are displayed on the map.
The icons include:
Construction: Orange cones will indicate where road work could impact travel time.
Incidents: Types of incidents include traffic accidents and weather-impacted roads.
Special Events: Festivals, sporting events and other large-scale gatherings that may impact traffic patterns.
Flow: Red, yellow and green lines are used to represent traffic flow (good, fair and poor). If a gray line is shown, it means that flow information is currently unavailable.
Cameras: Still camera images show traffic at 23 different intersections in town and three views along I-40 in Cary.
DMS: Dynamic message signs are set up at gateways into town to give motorists information about hazards, detours and travel times. When no message is displayed, the DMS window will be gray in color.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar to the left of the map offers users a different way of finding traffic information. Use the menu at the top to go back to the map’s default setting, view current construction projects, incidents and special events or find out what traffic impacts are coming soon. Below the menu, a list of Cary’s traffic cameras shows allows you to select the camera image you want to see by intersection.


Above the map is the traffic alerts window. Timely traffic alerts will be posted here to give users a heads up on the major conditions occurring on Cary roads.

Getting Started:
  Here are a few easy ways to start using wink Web:

1. Select the icons you want displayed on the map from the legend.

2. Click on a traffic camera to view an image, or select an intersection from the navigation bar.

3. Zoom in further to your area of interest by clicking on the map or using the zoom slider in the left hand corner.

4. Explore some of the other traffic icons in that area. First, use your mouse to point at an icon to bring up a brief description. For more details, click on the icon and an information bubble will appear.

5. To move to a different area of the map, just hold the left mouse button down and drag the map to the left, right, up or down. You can also use the zoom menu in the upper right hand corner.

To learn more about wink, check out the links below the map. The Town’s Web site has information on Cary’s traffic management system and answers to your most frequently asked questions. There are also links to Triangle transportation such as C-Tran and Go Triangle.

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